A Purposeful Life Is More Fulfilling

A Purposeful Life Is More Fulfilling

How to Live a Fulfilling Life

Every human being wants to have purpose in his or her life; otherwise, you feel disenfranchised from the rest of the world. Whether your purpose comes from your family, job, or religious beliefs, it is an essential element to having a well balanced life.

As we move from one stage of life to the next, our purpose usually changes. For instance, elderly parents may have recently retired and without a job, they may suddenly feel displaced. Or, health issues may be in the forefront which prevents your parents from pursuing past enjoyments. Whatever the situation, if your parents lose interest in their purpose in life, and/or fail to find a replacement, it will cause undue stress in both generations.

The best feeling in the world is getting out of bed excited about the day ahead. This is a difficult attitude to maintain, since our hectic lives make for a continuous daily grind. Achieving a sense of satisfaction should be our daily objective, even though we may encounter worries, adversities and situations not conducive to that goal. Of course, if we were able to obtain that satisfaction everyday, we would be living in paradise. However, if you consistently notice a completely different type of behavior or attitude in your elderly parent, and it is not due to having a bad day, you should address your concern immediately.

For example, if your parent has suddenly become introverted, (when they normally never were) or have stopped doing activities which brought them pleasure, don’t pretend something isn’t wrong. Approach your parent gently about your questions and concerns. Don’t take on a preaching attitude; this will only alienate your parent and make him reluctant to speak to you. If you are positive, open and willing to listen, your parent will reciprocate and be receptive.

Keep in mind that your parents may still be trying to adjust to their new living arrangement. If your lifestyle is much more fast-paced than their own, it can be overwhelming trying to fit in. I know it was difficult for me to accept my mother’s limitations regarding certain activities. Our customary three-hour marathon shopping sessions were starting to tire her. At first, I ignored my mother’s complaints after she came home from the mall, until a fact hit me head on. My mother needed to go at a slower pace. The solution was simple. Instead of shopping for a few hours at a time, now we only go for one hour. She enjoys the activity; I enjoy her company, but she isn’t struggling to keep up or paying the penalty later for having done so. It only took a little modification and she was able to continue doing an activity she has always enjoyed.

Hopefully, we will always have the pleasure of seeing the enjoyment our parents receive from their purpose in life. Maybe you can even introduce them to new purposes, such as: volunteering, baby-sitting, starting a home-based business venture or taking up golf. Whatever it may be, the most important facet of having a purpose is to bring enrichment and enhancement to your life. Everyone, including both you and your parents, should have those aspirations. Without them, there wouldn’t be a reason to start each new day, nor a reason to look forward to days in the future.

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