Special People Caring for Special People

The choice to provide care for an elderly parent, aging spouse or chronically ill family member at home is a courageous, honorable and compassionate act. But that choice can also become the emotional roller coaster ride of your life. "You are not alone!"

Caregivers are a very special and unique group of people. I believe there are angels that walk among us; I call them "Caregivers". Caregivers have a wonderful bond to each other that can't be matched anywhere. Caregivers pull together to form a family of compassion, patience, understanding and love.

Asking or needing help is NOT failure! Caregiving should be a team effort, but how can you be sure the other "team" is providing the same level of care as you do?

It is very difficult caring for an aging parent and loved one. Wanting the very best for our loved ones we blindly take responsibility for their care mot knowing the emotional ramifications. Relationships change drastically; you stop being the "care-receiver" and become the "care-giver".

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