Life Longevity

Life Longevity

Helpful Tips in Finding the Right Retirement Home for You

The good life—it’s what we’re all seeking, isn’t it? Ponce de Leon didn’t find us the fountain of youth, but we’re determined to live well for as long as possible, enjoying to the full. Actually, we’ve earned our way to today, conquering our days as they’ve come, and have purposed to age gracefully into our future. So how do we accomplish that? What can we write into our Day Planners that will help us to reach our goal?

We all know that healthy lifestyle choices are a major factor in longevity. Remaining physically active is vitally important, and every study conducted continues to strengthen that conclusion. A healthy diet is a sensible resolve in helping our body maintain balance and repair itself. Not smoking, and moderation in alcohol use, protect our bodies from much harm. Injury prevention becomes more important with each passing year. These things are ingrained in us, yet there’s something else in us that’s always searching for that elusive fountain. And we are better able enjoy the voyage when we include these in our backpack….

Humor helps keep our spirits young. And humor is present when you look for it. Read the comics section of the newspaper. Laugh at the funny things on Facebook. Watch the reruns of genuinely funny shows and join in on the hilarity. Laughter is good for the body in many ways. “A merry heart does good like a medicine”—and it’s free!

Gratitude is a life-enriching attitude. Start a gratitude journal. Write down the blessings of each day and night. Count the treasured gifts in the people, places, and things of life. Enjoy the trees, the stars, the ocean, and the mountains—wherever we are, we can revel in what’s around us. Thankful hearts are joyful hearts, and good for our health. There is joy in recognizing the good things of life as gifts to us, and that’s good for our health, too.

Reaching out to others is good for us, and them. Relationships are spirit-stimulating, mentally refreshing, and good for our heart. Make new ones and maintain old ones. “Friendship”, Samuel T. Coleridge wrote, “is a sheltering tree”. Relationships require our effort, and are well worth the attention we give them, bearing precious fruit through our years.

“Old age is always 15 years older than I am”, someone stated, and living to keep it that way takes fore-thought and purpose. Incorporating a healthy lifestyle is a perfect path. “Preventative medicine” is a parallel and wise path.

Life Longevity